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I stepped into the world of fashion as a 13 year old & professionally at age 15. I was fortunate to receive the right guidance through the initial phase of my career. 2010 was an eventful year. I won the title of Miss India South (regional), Miss India Earth (national), & i was crowned with utmost glee as i was the first and only woman from India to win the title of Miss Earth (an Internationally renowned pageant) in 2010, Vietnam.

Post my win, i was offered many fascinating projects in both in Bollywood & advertising industry. I was an intrinsic part of fashion magazines & shot for many popular brands.

I am rightfully aware of my responsibilities as Miss Earth & execute them with full zest. I have been associated with many philanthropic projects across the world and give my undivided attention towards social good. I advocate the International Children's Heart Foundation project, promoted a greener and cleaner future, I am plastic-free campaign, I love my planet earth, Fostering beauty & responsibility through environmental stewardship. I have also played a pivotal role in restoring Bangalore's lakes which have rapidly dwindled in the past 30 years from 270 - 300 to about 80, due to industrial development. I am thankful to the government of India for recognizing my achievements & the president of India honourable Ram Nath Kovind for presenting me with the first ladies award in January 2018. 

I have also ventured into the beauty & wellness industry. And have opened a beauty, aesthetics, slimming & wellness centre in Bangalore. My centres name is We Morph located in Basweshwar Nagar, Bangalore. The name in itself describes what we do. We strongly believe that the only constant is change and that if motivated or driven We can Morph into the best version of ourselves".

to know more about We Morph visit - 

on Instagram & Facebook : @wemorph_

I have an NGO called CARE FOR ME which strives to help underprivileged individuals & our fragile ecosystems.

Care For Me on social media - 

Instagram, Facebook & Twitter : @careformeindia

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